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Prevention Resources Inc. is your source for making the world safer for you.  Whether it’s your home or business, a background check or an infidelity case, closed circuit TV or a burglar alarm, PRI has a range of solutions tailored for your appetite.   Founded in 1996, PRI provides the best expertise possible with the utmost in discretion.  Run by veteran Private Investigator and Security Specialist Keith Weiner LPC, PRI is a leading prevention resource company in the greater Hudson Valley region – providing consultation to residents and business owners for over thirty years.  

Career Highlights


Keith has served in senior loss prevention positions and has managed loss prevention and safety operations with such notable clients as Dill’s Best Building Center, Funcoland, Inter-Fact, Marshall’s, Steve & Barry’s, Target and Toys ‘R Us.

Additionally, Keith consulted on construction of a 911 crisis center in Putnam County, New York - a 26,000 square foot facility housing the sheriff’s department, communications center, emergency response center, and a town meeting room. Keith designed and specified the burglar and fire alarms, access control, CCTV, monitoring and integration, to name a few.

Experienced Professional


PRI is owned by Private Investigator and Security Specialist Keith Weiner.  With over 30 years of experience, Keith is a licensed, insured and bonded loss prevention professional.  From background checks to surveillance needs, theft prevention to safety training, Keith has consulted, facilitated and designed numerous security systems in the Hudson Valley region and beyond.


Risk Assessments & Monitoring, Loss Prevention Programs & Awareness Training

Let us provide a risk assessment for your business, a bird’s-eye view of any issues, weaknesses, pitfalls or concerns, so you will be aware of potential dangers that may cause a disruption to your company. Prevention is the ultimate advantage.  We can provide security and loss prevention consulting, and set the stage for prevention strategies you can adhere to.  We can set up procedures and an auditing program for you and your company to follow and help protect your assets including your employees, merchandise, premises and intellectual property - before any issues ever arise.  We’re confident a safe workplace improves morale, increases productivity and, ultimately, improves the bottom line - a worthwhile investment indeed. 

Civil, Criminal & General Investigations and Surveillance

 With a deft hand and total discretion, PRI handles infidelity cases, matrimonial issues, personal injury, child custody, harassment, accidents, property damage, false residency, employee theft and fraud, insurance fraud, disability claims, plaintiff's actions and corporate internal investigations.  If you need assistance in any of these areas - such as a confidant for advice, troubleshooting strategies, referrals and the like - consider us your partner in managing some of life’s more delicate situations.  


Let us get to the bottom of your worries.  If you think you’ve had a loss or may have a staff security problem, we can step in and assess the situation, interview any personnel in question and provide an action plan to remedy the issue seamlessly.

Closed Circuit TV Design Integrity & Procedural Mystery Shopping


This is a no-brainer. Cameras are everywhere and for good reason – they are the surest way to keep an expert eye on your business.  Fortunately, it’s often routine being recorded.  But for those times when you need it most, let us design the camera system that best suits your needs. We offer both covert and visible installations.


What does your business look like when you’re not there?  How is your business or how are your products being presented?  Is someone stealing?  What are our employees really doing?  We give it all a very thorough look and give you a discreetly honest overview of what’s going on when you’re not around.  Often times, business owners are relieved to know, all is OK.  Other times, if there is an issue, you now know the reality and a plan can be put in place.  Either way, you’ll have peace of mind after our independent evaluation.


Pre-Employment & Investigative Background Checks

Who are you really hiring?  We handle the nitty-gritty:  criminal records, job history, licensing and education (did you know approximately 80% of applicants embellish their resumes or applications?).  Let us help you weed out any undesirables and find the future stars of your company, easily and effortlessly.

Advanced Technologies & Privacy Services

Full service internet research capabilities to include:

Open-source Collection Automation Technologies

Surface, Deep & Dark Web Research

Protective Intelligence

Internet and Social Media Vulnerability Assessments 

Attack Surface Reduction 

Personally Identifiable Information Removal

Process Service

We provide services for attorneys as well as other professionals and individuals who need official papers delivered in a reliable, cost effective and professional manner.  


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 If you need a solution or have some questions, please contact us for a free and confidential consultation.  You can reach Keith directly at k.weiner@prevention-resources.com 

Prevention Resources can be reached by phone:

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